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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Eggless Moist Chocolate Pudding Cake

I am always looking for easy desserts recipes, as I can not make Baklava, Tiramisu and those complex Indian Desserts all the time to please my family.
A friend of mine at work told me about this recipe. I tried it today when my son's friends were coming over. It was just out of this world. It was so moist and rich that I did not even need to ice it. And the best thing is that it is very simple to make, no eggs or oil required. Fun to make with little kids with no mess.


1 box of Chocolate cake mix (I used Devil's food cake mix)

1 (4 oz) box of cook and serve chocolate pudding mix

2 cups of milk.

1/3 cup of espresso coffee and Kahlua mixed (this was my variation to Kaleena's recipe)

1 cup of chocolate chips morsels

chocolate icing (you can make it at home or buy ready made)


* Preheat oven to 350 degrees F

* Cook the pudding according to the instructions on the box (I cooked it in Microwave)

* Add Kahlua/coffee, pudding and chocolate chips to cake mix, mix well until everything is well incorporated.

* Spread the batter in 9" round pan.

* Sprinkle some chocolate chips on top. (although I did not, but you can sprinkle some walnuts on top if desired)

* Bake it at 350 for 40 min or until the toothpick comes out clean.

* Cool and ice it with desired icing. (I did not ice it) You can serve it straight with some vanilla ice cream and chocolate fudge sauce or just with simple fruit filling (strawberries or Raspberries) on side.

Yummmmmmmmm... Thanks Kaleena :)

Recipe Source: Kaleena V.
All Photographs by Surekha except cake with ice cream photograph by Najwa Free photographer.

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