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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

How to Cut Mangoes and Pineapple

The entire idea behind this blog is leave my kids my favorite recipes and teach them the simple things that I know how.

To most of the cook this may not be nothing new, but in my household I being the only minority (female)I end up doing all the cooking and chopping etc....and I always end up cutting these fruits for my kids and my husband.

My father who use to travel to Goa many time on business trips. He always used to bring big baskets of pineapples and the entire house would be filled with sweet aroma of pineapples.

Also during Mango season he would bring huge baskets of Alfonso, Langda, Dassheri, Kesar, Chausa and Bottle Mangoes home. These are some of the about 70-80 varieties of Mangoes that you get in India.

He was always very specific about how to cut mangoes and pineapples without making a big mess and without getting them too mushy, no matter how ripe they were.

I want to teach this to my kids so they know how to do this the simple way he taught me.

* First always always wash the fruits and your hands before cutting any fruits.

* Always use sharp knife and a cutting board and be very very careful, keeping the sharp edge away from you and your hands.

* For pineapple just chop the crown off and slice it in to half and then each half to four slices with the core and skin intact.

* Now take each slice and take the core off, and cut the entire slice in to desired size pieces but keeping the skin still intact on the slice.

* Then finally take the skin off with the knife dropping all the cubes it to a bowl.

* For mango, peel the washed mango skin with sharp peeler.

* Now hold the entire peeled mango in your hand and run the knife vertically and horizontally in to pulp with one stroke each making a deep grid in to to the mango till you feel the seed.

* Then just run the knife close to the seed taking these cubes from the grid off of mango without squeezing the mango too much in to your hands.

* Discard the seed.

* Refrigerate the cubes of cut fruit or just serve them at room temperature with your favorite dessert or just plane as a healthy dessert.

Yumm :) My favorite fruits for dessert !!

Photographs by Surekha. Thank you Papa for teaching me this :)

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