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Monday, October 5, 2015

Mango Sticky Rice

Inspiration for this recipe is my dear sister-in-law Hansabhabhi,  who always talked about Mango sticky Rice and how much she and her family love it.  We recently went on vacation together, and had dinner there at a local Thai restaurant,  she persuaded me to try this dessert and I love it. So much so that when we came back home,  next day I ordered this dessert to go from a local Thai restaurant.  However to my disappointment it was not to my expectation. Had way too much coconut milk in it and Mangoes were not ripe unlike the first time when I tried it.
I decided to make my own recipe from the memory of my recent taste and some creativity to add additional flavors.
Unfortunately Mangoes are just going out of season, but I found some semi ripe one at a local store and I let them ripe in a brown paper bag with a banana, hoping that they will ripe just right. Just to be on safe side,  in case they don't, I also  bought a can of Dole mango slices in heavy syrup, because one way or another I was determine to make this dessert.



Ingredients for syrup:
* 1 cup pineapple Juice (you can use Mango juice if available, I did not have it in my pantry so I tried Pineapple juice, you can mix them if you have both or  Mango pineapple juice would be okay too)
* 1 can of unsweetened coconut milk
* 1/2 cup sweetened coconut flakes

* 1 cup agave syrup
* 1 can of condensed milk
* 2 tablespoon of Arrowroot or cornstarch
* 1 teaspoon of Vanilla extract
* 1 teaspoon of mixed fruit essence
Method to make Syrup:
* In a Microwave safe bowl mix coconut flakes and pineapple or mango or mango pineapple juice.
* Cook in microwave for 10 min high power.
* Strain all the coconut flakes out or you can leave them in there. You may need to blend the syrup with hand blender before adding it to rice.
* In a sauce pan mix coconut milk and condensed milk and add cooked pineapple coconut juice.
*Cook on medium low heat on stove and continue to stir constantly.
* Add Agave syrup, cook until come to boil.
* Mix arrowroot in little cold water and mix well until all the lumps are out.
* Turn the heat to low and add arrowroot or corn starch until the syrup begins to thicken.
* Turn the heat off and add vanilla and mix fruit extracts.
* Let it cool.
* If you left the coconut flakes in the juice then this would be time to blend the syrup smooth.
* You will have plenty of syrup (~4 cups) You may make the rice as gooey as you like or  keep the additional syrup in fridge. If you recall this is similar recipe as that of my recipe for syrup for Macadamia nuts pancake. This will stay good in fridge for 3-4 weeks. You can freeze it too if desired.


 Ingredients for Rice and garnish:
* 1 and half cup of Jasmine rice
* 3 and half cups of water
* 2 teaspoon of butter
* 1/2 cup of unsalted pistachios (typically Thai restaurants sprinkle roasted sesame seeds on this, but I wanted to add some color and nutty taste to this dessert therefore used Pistachio nuts)
* 2 ripe mangoes peeled, sliced or cubed
* 1 can of Dole Mango slices in heavy syrup

* Wash rice and discard water.
* Add fresh 3 and half cup of water in 3 quarts corning ware container with cover.
* Add butter.
* Cover and make rice in microwave ( recipe on this blog: 10 min on high and 10 min on 50 % power) You can use rice cooker to make rice if prefer.

*  While rice is cooking, you can prepare pistachios and Mangoes.
*  Roast pistachio nuts on low head in a shallow frying pan.
* Let them cool and then slice/chop them to desired size.


* Empty the contents of Dole Mango slices in a bowl in syrup (don't discard the syrup).
* Cut the Mangoes in desired cuts, can cut into slices or cubes, I cut them into slices)
* Mix the fresh mangoes slices with canned mango in syrup and toss gently.
*Set aside.

* Once rice is cooked, add half of the roasted sliced pistachios to rice and mix gently.
* Add about two cups of syrup that you made earlier to cooked rice.
* Mix well.

* Microwave covered for 5 min on high.
* Set some syrup aside to drizzle on top.


 How to assemble:
* Here you can be creative, you can use any mold for rice, I used a cookie cutter mold.
* Press the cooked sweetened rice in to the mold.
* Invert the mold on a serving plate.
* Pour additional syrup on to the rice, then top and garnish the rice with cubed or sliced mangoes. 
* Garnish with Pistachios.
* Drizzle additional syrup if desired.  

* If you don't want Mangoes on the rice, you can have both side by side.
* You can use your imagination and creativity to plate this dish as you desire.

This recipes makes about 6-8  servings of dessert.
Enjoy !!

Recipe and Photographs  by Surekha.

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