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Saturday, December 25, 2010

My Very Berry Mango Orange soufflé

This is a no bake recipe. It is very cooling and soothing to palate and absolutely satisfying to your stomach and your soul.

Okay, so I had the left over egg whites from Tiramisu that I made and also had a frozen pack of berries, lots of Tangerine tin, a mango pulp tin and orange jello. Since I am not too crazy about baked soufflé, I decided to experiment this concoction of Mango souffle with all these different flavors and I am proud to say that it was a hit.

Pomegranate seeds are not berries and not required for this recipe, but since I had them handy and I love their color, and sweet tart taste.. so I decided to add them for some extra crunch, but you can completely omit them, just go with whatever you have in your they say the best recipe is to have no recipe....

Here are the ingredients I used:

• 1 pack of orange jello + 2 cups of water + some ice cubes

• 3 packs of unflavored Knox gelatin + 3 cups of water

• 6 tables spoon of powdered sugar

• 1 20 oz tin of sweetened Mango pulp (available at local Indian grocer, I prefer Ratna alfonso mango pulp, but I had some generic brand from Kesar Mango variety, you may use fresh pulp from fiber less Kent Mangoes)

• Egg white from 8 eggs

• 2 cups of whipping cream

• 1 (8oz) pack of cool whip

• 1 pack of mixed berries (black berries, raspberries, blue berries) (may use fresh if available)

• 2 (14 oz) can of mandarin slices drained

• 1/2 cup of pomegranate seeds (Optional, if available)


• Beat the egg whites until thick.

• Heat the 3 cups of water until it is warm.

• Add the unflavored gelatin.

• Mix well until the gelatin is dissolved.

• Add powdered sugar.

• Keep aside.

• Boil 2 cups of water and dissolve orange jello in hot water, when completed dissolved add ice cubes and keep aside.

• Let both the gelatin mix cool completely.

• Dump the frozen the cool whip in a stainless steel bowl.

• Beat the whipping cream in separate container until frothy and thick.

• Add cream to coop whip and beat until smooth.

• Add the Mango pulp.

• Mix the both gelatin mixture.

• Lastly fold in the egg whites until they are folded in well.

• Transfer the content to a serving bowl.

• Fold in the frozen berries, pomegranate seeds, and drained mandarin slices.

• Let it set overnight or 8 hours in refrigerator.

• Serve with a few fresh berries, mandarin slices or mango slices if seasonal.

Makes 16 servings


• You may omit the berries and just make plain Mango-Orange soufflé the same way.
• You may omit the orange jello and mandarin slices, just make plain Mango souffle the same way, but I feel that berries and mandarin slices made the soufflé more fun and tasty.

Recipe and Photographs by Surekha.


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