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Monday, April 7, 2014

Moong Dal Chhilka Dahibada (split Moong with skin intact) dumplings in yogurt)

 In my previous recipes posts for dahi bada I have given detailed description of  what dahi bada is.  Please refer to that for detail. In short they are popular all over India. They are fried dumplings of lentils served with plain yogurt and dressed with Indian condiments sauces to make it savory, sweet and spicy.

This is my sister-in-law Hansa's recipe who I dearly call Hansabhabhi.  She is very special to me and my favorite person in the world, and she makes the Best Dahibadas, the kind that just melt in your mouth. 

In October 2013, she helped me throw a surprise party for my husband's birthday. She and husband went out of their way to help me organize this event. It was a great success, while we catered rest of the food she had to make these Dahi bada, as this is my husband's fav dish, especially how she makes it.

So before I post this I must say a big thanks to my dear Hansabhabhi :)


2 cups Moongdal with Chhilka (with skin)

Water to soak
Salt to taste

4 green chilies coarsely ground

1/4 teaspoon Hing (asefoetida)

Oil to fry

Luke warm water to soak the badas, have to frequently change this water 

Plain yogurt from half gallon milk (recipe on this blog)

One cup fat free sour cream (optional)
2-3 cups Imli (Tamrind Chutney) recipe on this blog 

1- 2 cups Cilantro and mint or cilantro chutney

1  bunch Chopped Cilantro for garnish

Roasted cumin powder

Cayenne pepper


Finely chopped sweet red or white onions and fine Sev for garnish (optional)

Wash Moong dal until water is clear.

Soak the dal  over night or for at least 4 hours

Once each grain is soft,  drain and grind them  in food processor until smooth but slightly coarse (if it is too fine, the final product may not be as soft and will become hard in middle when you fry them)

Once batter is ready whisk it vigorously for 3-4 min to get air in the batter

Add salt, hing and ground green  chilies,  whisk some more.

Heat oil in deep fryer at 375 degrees F

Carefully drop balls of batter in heated oil with a tablespoon one by one in oil may be able to fit 6-7 in one time

Deep fry both side of ball by gently turning them, until light golden brown

Take them out of oil and on to paper towel to drain oil, then drop them in warm water.

Let them soak in water until soft and cold enough to handle with bare hands.

Then squeeze water out of them by gently squeezing each one of them with your both palms.

Arrange them in a platter

Discard water in between batches of soaking dahi bada so most oil comes out of each batch

Take the set dahi (plain yogurt) and whisk until smooth

If desired you may add some fat free sour cream to the plain yogurt for some creamy texture.

Pour yogurt over the squeezed dal bada in platter

 Sprinkle with some salt and cayenne pepper and garnish with chopped cilantro until ready to serve
Serving instructions: 

In a shallow serving bowl arrange 4 pieces of dahi bada.

Pour some more plain yogurt on it.

Season with Tamarind chutney and Cilantro mint chutney

Sprinkle some salt to taste,  cayenne pepper to taste and roasted cumin powder.

To bring some crunch you may sprinkle with finely chopped onions and fine sev (gram dal noodles)

Serve at room temperature.


  Enjoy :)



This recipes makes about 40-44 pieces of medium size dahi bada, which serve bout 6-8 depending on what you are serving with it and also on person's appetite ;)
Recipe by Hansa H.
Photographs by Surekha

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