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Thursday, December 28, 2017

Fresh Turmeric and Chili Peppers Relish (Haldi Mirch ka Taza Achar)

While my father was inspiration for my love of cooking, my mom is the drive behind my passion for cooking. She always set a good example for me to follow on her foot steps. Always trying new things. This was a staple relish in our house with every Indian meal. Good thing about it is it can last at room temp for about good 4-6 wks and definitely for months in the fridge that is if it lasts that long.
You get abundance of fresh turmeric in India and now we have started getting it here in local Indian grocers.  There is a variety fresh turmeric which is blend of  raw mango flavor and turmeric flavor. It is called Amba Haldar (Mango turmeric)    Then you get the plain fresh turmeric as well.  Regardless of what kind, it is quite a chore to peel every rhizome of fresh turmeric and then slice it in to thin julienne strips. That is why when  I saw this in the freezer section I was thrilled. It comes in thin slices but not julienne, but it was not a big compromise, still tastes like fresh Amba Haldar.  Now it has become a standard item in my fridge and my kids love it too with Indian food.
And sometimes I just put this in between sliced bagel or sourdough bread and it tastes really yummy.
The frozen pack of peeled and sliced  turmeric rhizomes come in 11 oz pack.  If you like. you can thaw and cut them in to even smaller pieces but I just left them as they were.
You can always use fresh turmeric rhizomes, which my mom did back home, but then you have to peel each rhizome and slice them in to desired sizes.

  • One 11 oz pack of frozen turmeric slices
  • 8 Fresh Jalapeno peppers (you can leave the veins or take the veins out if want it less spicy.
  • 8 Serrano peppers sliced
  • 8 large fresh limes
  • 10 teaspoon of salt (salt works as preservative here)
  • 10  teaspoon of turmeric powder

  • Take the Turmeric slices in a bowl.
  • Squeeze lime juice and add this to the Turmeric.
  • Slice the pepper lengthwise of desired size (be sure to wear gloves when slicing and veining peppers)
  • Add the pepper slices to the turmeric and lime juice.
  • Add salt and turmeric powder.
  • Toss well until everything is well incorporated
  • Transfer the content in a glass airtight jar.
  • You may leave this out at room temp or in sun for few days.
  • Refrigerate for prolonged keeping. 
  • Shake the content in covered jar before serving as the powdered turmeric will settle down.

Enjoy !

Recipe adapted and modified by Surekha from her mom Mrs Kasturben's  original recipe.
Photographs by Surekha.

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